For more information please contact: Stars Sales Team at 210.444.5090

National Anthem

Showcase your talent by singing the United States National Anthem or “God Bless America” before thousands of Stars fans.

Ball Exchange

Be a part of the action! Join the Stars on court pre-game. Hand a Stars player a ball during the starting line-up.

Color Guard

The game can’t start without you! Present the Colors on court at the AT&T Center during the performance of the National Anthem at the San Antonio Stars game. (6 people max)

Living Flag

Your group will be on the court holding a large American or Texas Flag during the singing of the National Anthem. This is an unbelievable experience for fans of any age during the time when all eyes will be center court.

Pre-Game & Halftime Performances

Here’s your chance to take center stage in front of thousands of fans during the pre-game or at halftime of the Star’s game. Basketball teams, dance/cheer squads, and performance groups are all welcome. Audition tape is required.

Concourse Performances

Maybe you’re the next “American Idol” but don’t want to sing the anthem. We’ve got just the thing for you: You or your group can perform pre-game in our concourse for up to 45 minutes!

Stars & Visiting Team Fan Tunnel

Imagine high-fiving all of the Stars or opposing team players as they come out onto the court! The fan tunnel makes this possible for your group to get up close and personal with the players as they take the court.

Play on the AT&T Center Court

Be a part of the action, enjoy this exclusive experience of playing on the official court of the Stars at the AT&T Center. Teams can play before or after enjoying the game.

Anthem Buddies

Feel like a pro with this brand new fan experience! Each participant will be on court at the AT&T Center and stand next to a San Antonio Stars player during the National Anthem! Trade high-fives and handshakes with Stars players afterward and enjoy the game! (12 participants – required minimum ticket purchase)

For more information please contact: Stars Sales Team at 210.444.5090