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2nd Season

Pregame Ritual: When I get to the game, I like to stretch and snack with the team and catch up with them before we get started.

Guilty Pleasure: I’m addicted to Chipotle and ice cream!

Fun Fact: I am trilingual!


2nd Season

Pregame Ritual: I always attend hot yoga before any home games to relax and clear my head.


1st Season

Pregame Ritual: Before each game I have to give myself a pep talk and say a prayer!

Guilty Pleasure: I love sour gummy worms!

Fun Fact: I have an obsessions with holiday themed socks- Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.!


3rd Season

Pregame Ritual: Before each game Ilike to pray and laugh with my teammates!

Guilty Pleasure: I am in love with makeup and shoes!

Fun Fact: I’ve tried every sport from tennis, boxing, gold, figure skating, etc. but dancing has always won my heart.


2nd Season

Pregame Ritual: I eat 2 chimichangas!

Guilty Pleasure: I like to double dip chips and drink milk straight from the gallon!

Fun Fact: I backpacked around Alaska alone in 2016.


2nd Season

Pregame Ritual: I like to review our performance routine to different types of music to help me remember the choreography, whether it be slow, fast, etc.

Guilty Pleasure: Anything with Reese’s chips!

Fun Fact: I lived in California for 6 years growing up before moving to Texas.


1st Season

Pregame Ritual: On game day I like to drink a Red Bull, eat a mint chocolate power bar and listen to my game day playlist on the way to the arena.

Guilty Pleasure: Sour Skittles are my weakness!

Fun Fact: I’m obsessed with cats! At one point I owned 4 cats and I have a collection of cat figurines (34 to be exact). You can call me the cat lady!


1st Season

Pregame Ritual: I enjoy saying a prayer before tipoff at each home game!

Guilty Pleasure: I enjoy eating pizza and cookies.

Fun Fact: I taught drug and alcohol prevention previously.


1st Season

Pregame Ritual: I have to have 2 Monsters and a pack of Sour Patch candy before every game!

Guilty Pleasure: I SCREAM for ice cream!

Fun Fact: I don’t enjoy a tense environment, so I tend to be the jokester of any team that I am a part of!


1st Season

Pregame Ritual: To pray that my team has an awesome performance, and that the Stars get a win!

Guilty Pleasure: I am obsessed with pizza and dark chocolate!

Fun Fact: My biggest fear is drowning because I never learned how to swim!


1st Season

Pregame Ritual: Before any games I like to stretch my entire body and focus on all the tasks ahead and review the routine mentally.

Guilty Pleasure: Kinder is my favorite German chocolate.

Fun Fact: I can count to 100 in German!


1st Season

Pregame Ritual: Before any game I have to devour about 3 Snickers bars!

Guilty Pleasure: I have a love hate relationship with chocolate chip cookies!

Fun Fact: I never had any official dance training, I learned to dance from looking at YouTube!


3rd Season

Pregame Ritual: Before each game I enjoy snacking with the Squad and catching up!

Guilty Pleasure: I love watching 80’s movies!

Fun Fact: I am obsessed with the TV show Bob’s Burgers!


1st Season

Pregame Ritual: Before each game I like to pray and listen to African Docs music!

Guilty Pleasure: I’m obsessed with white chocolate and Kit Kat bars!

Fun Fact: My daughter and I like to freestyle in grocery store aisles!