Quotes: USA Basketball Women’s National Team Training Camp (10/1/17-Kelsey Plum)

What have you gotten out of this camp so far?
For me, it’s just been so joyous being around so many women who love the game. Everyone is playing really hard and we’re all playing for something bigger than ourselves. Personally, being on Sue’s (Bird) team the last couple of days, the way she sees things, the way she communicates with the team, I have learned a lot in terms of what she’s looking at, time and score situations, things like that. I’m just super excited to be able to learn from someone like that.

Speaking of learning, you have two extremely talented and decorated USA National Team point guards in the gym in Sue Bird and USA head coach Dawn Staley. What have you learned from them?
It’s an amazing feeling, being in the gym with them and getting to be on the court at the same time with them. You grow up dreaming about moments like that, so for it to actually happen is pretty awesome.

On the leadership of Sue Bird and Breanna Stewart:
They raise the level of intensity from a leadership standpoint, but also in the way they make plays. The way they move, they make great basketball plays. They are just at the elite level and it makes everyone try to compete and rise to their game in order to stay with them. So, for them to be here really helps all of us.