He’s been called by many names: the Shogun of Shenanigans… the Tycoon of Tomfoolery… that furry thing with the shorts. Yes, he’s had many nicknames, but in his current stomping grounds of San Antonio, he’s known simply as The Fox. With a knack for slapstick, The Fox has been entertaining Stars fans for years with his side-splitting antics and uncanny ability to trip over absolutely nothing. When he’s not showcasing his questionable dance moves or brushing his messes under the rug, he’s busy in the community giving out free chest bumps to anyone willing or otherwise. In his time with the team, The Fox has quickly made a name for himself and has since become a staple of the Stars basketball experience.
Here are some of the furry frontman’s lesser known stats.

• Averages 32.6 stats per game
• Stands at 5’ 8” (5’ 11” when he hears a noise)
• Holds league record for most trips in a game with 47 (45 of which were self-inflicted)
• Received a Bachelor’s in Buffoonery and Master’s in Mischief from ACME University
• Voted most likely to sink a full-court shot with no one around
• Winner of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Mascot Edition during the 2013-14 offseason
• Can dance the “foxtrot” in 6 languages
• Moonlights as a sous chef for the food-truck Gourmet Garbage
• Distant relative of actress Megan Fox and the Carfax mascot
• Currently in a legal dispute with videogame character Starfox
• Resides in a “small but cozy” pothole somewhere in San Antonio’s East Side
• Favorite horror movie is Foxcatcher